Importance of Muscle Memory

I’ve been going over some of the scales and patterns that I have on my blog here recently and noticed that there are some scales that I easily remember, and some that I totally forgot. Even though I practiced some of them over and over, I still tend to forget a lot of scales. And I know its because I haven’t committed them to muscle memory. For me, it takes more than just playing them over 100 times and expect myself to remember. I think by doing this, I’m expecting my brain alone to remember scales and patterns. But I know that I need to let the muscles in my arms, wrist, hands and fingers play without my brain really thinking about it at all. Although I really know that the signals from my hand really do process and store in my brain in reality.

So I started looking for articles related to this subject to see what else I can learn and pass on. Here are acouple.

GuitaroJam News

Slower Is Faster

The one negative I can see with muscle memory is if you are practicing something improperly. Mainly with form or posture. Once you’ve learned to play guitar with bad picking, fretting or sitting form, it will be hard to re-learn with proper technique. I have this problem myself. I have a bad habit of resting my pinky and ring finger of  my picking hand on the high E string while I play. I’ve done this my whole life and have been making attempts to break it. I constantly have to remind myself to stop as I play and always catch myself resting my hand.

So it is my goal to start learning slower. I tend to be really impatient and want to start working on the next part of a scale to quickly. I’m going to test this muscle memory thing. Although I already know it works!

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